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  • Image of GIFT SETS

Black Friday Gift Sets!
Limited Quantities Available.

Krampus Gift Set: Nestled In A Decorative Reusable Burlap Gift Bag Includes: (1) Woodburned Krampus Ornament By Wakeful Woodcraft, (1) 1 Bag Of Krampistachio Loose Leaf Tea By Brutaliteas, (1) Krampus Head Soap, & (1) 1 Ounce Krampus Woods Spritz Me!

Harry Potter House Sets: A Limited Amount Of Each House Are Available; All Sets Include (1) 2 Ounce Spritz In 1 Of 4 House Scents & (1) 2 Ounce Hand Sanitizer In Unicorn Blood (A Blend Of Mashed Berry Candies)

Ravenclaw: Aged Leatherbound Books, White Tea, A Sprig Of Lavender, Fresh Blueberries & A Hint Of Cedarwood.
Hufflepuff: Baked good aromas filling the air from the nearby kitchen, Bouquets Of Honeysuckle, Vanilla Candlesticks, Lemon Zest.
Gryffindor: Roaring Fireplace, Fresh Apples, Fizzy Potions, Wooden Broomsticks.
Slytherin: Sinister Spearmint, Dark Water, Grapefruit Juice, A Bite Of Pepper.