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Items listed in this category are products that are on hand and ready to be sent off. These items are ready to ship and will usually go out within 48 hours of ordering. Please keep in mind that if you add any non RTS items to your order you will be subject to our usual turn-around time. Scent descriptions can be found in the “Book Of Scents” & “Retired Scents” pages of the website.

The "Surprise Me!" Samplers may include: discontinued, limited editions, one-off's and/or general catalog fragrances. If you have any major likes/dislikes feel free to list them in the notes- but remember these are meant to be a surprise!

Krampus Gift Set: Nestled In A Decorative Reusable Burlap Gift Bag Includes: (1) Woodburned Krampus Ornament By Wakeful Woodcraft, (1) 1 Bag Of Krampistachio Loose Leaf Tea By Brutaliteas, (1) Krampus Head Soap, & (1) 1 Ounce Krampus Woods Spritz Me!

Wonka Spritz Duo:
Everything Is Eatable: A Toothachingly Sweet Blend Of Chocolate Waterfalls, Sweet Caramel, & Hints Of Black Cherry Candy.

Everlasting Gobstopper: A Scent Explosion! Super Fruity & Sweet Hard Candies Of Every Flavor.

ACK ACK: A crazy blend of lemon lime soda, cannabis flower, & midsummers night (type)